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Ryan Yellowless MC, RCC
Life Empowered Counseling 
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Do you feel stuck? Are you feeling like your life is going nowhere? It can be an uncomfortable and overwhelming place to be. I offer a supportive, safe space to help you get unstuck and guide your life in a new direction. Together, we can navigate life's challenges, discover your strengths, and build a path toward healing and growth. I am here to assist you along your mental wellness journey.

My counselling approach is informed by my personal experience living with a chronic illness and from (Dis)ability justice, humanistic, person-centred, and strength-based perspectives. I specialize in ableism, chronic illness, physical (dis)ability, physical illness and caregiver support counselling. I also work with clients who have general mental wellness struggles. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC#21777) with a Master of Counselling and personal experience living with physical chronic illness contribute to my unique skills and insights to compassionately support you in your journey towards healing and self-empowerment. I look forward to working together to achieve your goals and dreams and find inner empowerment.

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Counselling Services

Individual Counselling (Phone & Video)
General Mental Wellness Struggles

Coping with Ableism and Discrimination 
Caregiver Support
Chronic Illness Support 
Coping with Physical (Dis)ability & Physical Illness
Disenfranchised Grief
Christian Counselling
& More 

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Ryan Yellowlees MC, RCC

Tel: (778) 743-8187

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